SSA Authentication Report

Providing Social Security Number verification is critical to our client’s bottom line. Industry losses due to mortgage fraud continue to be one of the biggest challenges to lenders in today’s marketplace. We serve every client with their best interest in mind, protecting their businesses to ensure the loans they make are loans that can be repaid.


Benefits of our SSA authentication report:

  • We link directly with the Social Security Administration to authenticate the borrower’s Name, Social Security Number and Date of Birth:
    • A signed SSA-89 authorization form allows for the verification of an individual by comparing these three key identifiers with the SSA online database, resulting in a match, no match, or deceased. Invalid SSNs are also identified.
  • It provides early detection of identity theft which reduces fraud and risk.

  • Improves accuracy and achieves consistency

  • The process is online, allowing for 24/7 submittal and retrieval.


Click Here for SSA-89 FORM

End-to-End QC Process

Standardization of rejection descriptions requires the need to have a qualified, highly trained and experienced quality control team available to minimize interruptions to your workflow.

  • Pre-SSN QC Process: Our manual review stops problem requests from reaching the Social Security Administration.
  • Post-SSN QC Process: We confirm that the results returned match the original order.

Identity Assessment and Authentication Process