FAQ for Income Verification

Q. What are the average turn times?

A. During the current COVID pandemic we are now seeing turn times between 7 to 10 business days on average. The standard average turn times can range from 18 – 48 hours and are based on IRS volume and market conditions. We have a unique automated technology; you can be assured your transcripts will be delivered back to you in the fastest methods available, day or night, within minutes of them becoming available from the IRS.

Q. Do I need to order the husband and wife forms separately?

A. No, you only need to identify the first person’s name who is reflected on your 4506-T when placing an order for a husband and wife who filed 1040s jointly. If the spouses filed separately, you would order them separately.  All W2s need to be ordered for each individual.

Q. What if I have a 4506-T or C signed by two people and I only need transcripts for just one of them?

A. Simply circle the person’s name and Social Security Number for the person you are requesting so that we are able to identify who the request is being made for.

Q. What do I do if I receive a “No Record” transcript?

A. We recommend that you verify filing status of the person whose tax record is being ordered. Make sure the appropriate record is being ordered, and if there is still a discrepancy, you should direct the person whose record is being ordered to their local IRS office to resolve the issue.

Q. When will previous year’s transcripts be available?

A. We will process any request made for previous year’s transcripts. However, it takes the IRS 6-8 weeks from the time of filing for the transcripts to be available, so it would be prudent to verify that the taxpayer did file their taxes with enough time for them to be processed.

Q. How do I make sure the correct records are being ordered if there are multiple boxes checked on my 4506?

A. Simply circle the correct record being requested.

Q. Why was my request rejected by the IRS or canceled by TriVerify?

  • The current or previous address on the 4506 does not match the address on record filed with the IRS; this is the most common reason IRS transcripts are rejected by the IRS.
  • The taxpayer’s name does not match IRS records, is incomplete, or missing.
  • The taxpayer’s SSN/ EIN does not match IRS records, is incomplete, or missing.
  • The date of the signature is greater than 120 calendar days from date it is received by the IRS.
  • Signature of the taxpayer, or the authorized person, does not match the taxpayer name on Line 1a, 2a, or match the IRS signature on file.
  • This form, or an item on the form, is not legible.
  • The form has been altered. Examples include:
    • Use of white-out, lined through entries, written over entries, and evidence of cutting and pasting
    • Line 1a- No name listed
    • Line 1b- The listed SSN or EIN, is not accurate
    • Line 6- more than one tax form number is being requested, or no tax form is listed for a business request
    • Line 6a/b/c- One of the boxes not being checked or multiple boxes are checked. The IRS cannot determine which single product is being requested
    • Line 8- (W2 or 1099 ONLY) the box is not checked. (W2 or 1099 must also be listed on line 6)
    • Line 9- No year of tax period is listed